Deepak Moorjani is a private equity investor. His private equity experience includes venture capital, leveraged buyouts and distressed value.

Former Apple CEO Michael Spindler

Morgan Stanley’s John Langlois

  • Deepak and I became acquainted last year at Morgan Stanley in Tokyo where we worked together in the real estate investing division. His U.S. work experience was primarily private equity and venture capital investing, and he quickly made the transition to the real estate investing business. Not only did he grasp complex concepts quickly, but he showed a natural curiosity in the pursuit of independent research. This allowed him to discover investing opportunities not seen by others with longer tenures in the real estate business. Deepak has since moved to Deutsche Bank where he has more freedom to build his principal business.
  • At a relatively young age, Deepak has shown an ability to meld various cultures and unique experiences: (i) a native Ohioan with parents from India, (ii) a young professional at a New York merchant bank who gained business experience in Britain, France and Italy, (iii) a Silicon Valley venture capitalist in a firm he formed with a former Fortune 500 CEO, and (iv) an investment professional in Asia with experience in Japan and India.

Skadden Arps’ Mark Bronson

  • You have a most illustrious private equity career.

Aksia LLC’s David Fann

  • You are a good sounding board.

Rockefeller Capital’s John Stevens Sheldon

  • In my seven years at The Lodestar Group/LSG Advisors and my eight years at Goldman Sachs, I have had the pleasure of working with many exceptional bankers. Of all the MBA candidates for whom I have chosen to write recommendations, Deepak stands among the top candidates in terms of the skills he has developed and the contributions I believe he will make to your MBA program.
  • Deepak’s greatest strengths are a combination of highly developed financial, technical and strategic analytical skills and his well developed judgment regarding when and how to apply such skills.
  • I often find Deepak helping me reformulate my views regarding what truly is “the question” or “the problem” or the “real situation”. Deepak is surprisingly mature in reading a situation and determining what are the critical issues. In short, Deepak has an impressively unique combination of raw analytical capability with a very thoughtful perspective of considering most of the relevant points of view on the situation at hand. This perspective is unparalleled by most young businessmen his age.
  • At our firm, Deepak has shown incredible initiative in identifying technology, broadly defined, as a field on which to focus with an objective of developing banking opportunities. In this regard I am quite impressed with the thoughtfulness of Deepak’s approach, the knowledge of technology that he has assimilated and his ability to choose discreet, specific potential transactions on which to focus.
  • Deepak is very capable at generating appropriately deserved respect from others who are usually older and much more experienced.
  • As a final thought, I strongly believe that Deepak Moorjani is a very unique candidate for your program. It has been a long time since I have recommended a candidate with as interesting a mix of innate intelligence, analytical judgment, commercial focus, entrepreneurialism and tenacity.

Former Global Crossing CEO Leo Hindery